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Attending CIFF Fair

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-27
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Attending CIFF Fair

CIFF was founded in Guangzhou from 18th to 21th March 2018, our company was able to being an attender there.


With the rare opportunity of the exhibition, our team is helping customers to develop the furniture market, analyzes the current market situation and future trends for customers and provides successful brand management advice.

Quality is the cornerstone of the company's survival. This has been recognized by many customers, making us more determined to do high-end. All the coffee table, side table, dining table, chairs, bar stools, bookshelves are highly recommended during the fair.


In order to participate in the exhibition, a full preparation has been made in all aspects, especially in the aspect of product exhibitions. After careful consideration and careful selection, the effort has paid off, and our company has achieved very satisfactory results. The wonderful live demonstration highlights the good effect of furniture and attracts visitors to our booth. Through the introduction of the exhibitors, the visitors are very clear about our products and services, which makes a large number of customers take the initiative to express a strong cooperation intention. There are many customers do on-site trade, and one customer ordered 4*40HQ on the spot.


Through this exhibition, more people realize that we are good at metal furniture, cutting, welding, sanding, polishing are well made. More importantly, many customers share their contact information to us for further communicate. The CIFF Fair was very successful for us


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