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Chinese furniture hardware trends

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-27
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Chinese furniture hardware trends

From manual production to large-scale production, China's furniture hardware products in the international market development space is growing.

And furniture hardware manufacturing industry must learn how to close to end customers, how to provide for their products, and to ensure their profitability, which need to have a better marketing, better sales network, lean manufacturing and flexible manufacturing capabilities, real-time supply chain operation ability, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership skills, better for the staff education and training and other new business model.

From the manufacturing side, the plant must be as automated as possible in order to get the maximum production efficiency and improve labor productivity.


At present, the market competition is fierce, the product homogeneity is serious, the human cost is high. Enhance product added value, from the furniture manufacturing industry to high-end manufacturing development, is the trend. And the furniture hardware products will also be intelligent, humane direction of the upgrade.


With the deepening of the process of industrial upgrading, believe that China's furniture hardware industry will be able to create from China to China's high-end manufacturing industry

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