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CEO stament

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-27
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CEO stament

10 years has past since the inception of our company. The past 10 years is truly filled with both hardships and happy harvests! From a small workshop in the early days to a well-known SME in the metal furniture industry, we have gone through a path paved with toil and sweat. We are grateful to the enormous support and selfless love and care from people from all walks of life, and to our employees working hard in various positions!

Self-confidence and diligence is the key to achieving successes. This is also true for an enterprise. The vast sea of business is full of competition. Confidence allows us to have more faith in ourselves in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand; diligence teaches us to be down-to-earth and perseverant. With these two virtues, we have planted the root for development, which allows everyone in the company to shine with the light of humanity and wisdom in life and at work, and makes our partners to be as confident as us in meeting the future.

This is both our wealth and our values. Even more, it is the power and conviction that drives us to provide our customers with quality products. Excellent ideas come from an excellent culture. "To create a first-class enterprise and share first-class returns" is the essence of Jinyi’s corporate culture. To create a system that advocates fair competition and provides talents with a sound career path is the core that supports the development of the company. We are willing to provide young and ambitous people with an excellent working environment and a stage that can fully display their talent, so that people with both competence and virtues can realize the value of life, and jointly promote further development.

We will continue with our efforts, constantly pursue first-class quality and service, and create a warm and open, honest, and enterprising win-win atmosphere. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to join us, to seek common development and brilliance!

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